What is the Best Fat Burning Exercise?

While weight lifters will tell us that strength training is the best fat burning exercise, Dexter types will laugh at such claims when eight glasses of very cold water can actually burn 800 calories. Normally, it takes half an hour for an average person to start burning fat therefore experts recommend selecting a workout routine that makes you enjoy it and then stick with that.

Proven Techniques

Walking at brisk pace for half an hour can burn 180 calories. If you add a little uphill climb and stairs, it will automatically charge your fat burner, further. Jogging or running for a similar duration will also pump up the metabolism. Still, sportsmen widely believe that swimming is probably the best natural exercise. It helps move every single joint of the body and provides the maximum output. If this doesn’t suit your style then try out the two of the most enjoyable cardio fat burning exercises, kickboxing and cycling. They are known to consume up to 500 and 400 calories per session, respectively.

Take a HITT

For those who hate to go out in HoneyBurn the cold, they should try HITT. It is an enjoyable fat burning technique for every age. HITT stands for high intensity interval training which integrates simple work outs like warming up, walking, jogging and running for short intervals. The popularity of HITT has resulted from its simple guidelines that anyone can apply at home or gym. The basic idea behind this technique is to burn the maximum amount of fat in minimum span of time, without tiring the human muscle. In fact, its followers claim that it is better to do HITT for 20 minutes rather then running for almost an hour. While the exercise last for only 20 minutes and is mostly done 2-3 times a week, it can definitely burn fat like no other technique.